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Plinth-Design are a dedicated team producing exclusive handmade turntable plinths in small numbers.
These will appeal to the audiophile who is looking for a product that is functional, unique in design and
individual when compared to other products currently available on the market.

The plinth designs are modelled around the Garrard 401, Garrard 301, Thorens TD124 and other turntables that do not have a dedicated plinth.
The design of the plinths follows a meticulous process, which begins as an idea;
and is translated into detailed sketches from which rendered 3D illustrations are then produced
giving a very accurate scale representation of the design from every angle.
Once the design has been modified and approved, detailed full-scale drawings are produced as a basis for the construction of each plinth.

The plinths that we offer are handmade, therefore no two will be identical in finish.
Wood is a natural product with variations in grain and pattern lacquered and stained finishes can also vary making each design unique.
All our designs are available in high quality natural or stained hardwood or lacquered finishes or a combination of both.
Every effort is made to ensure that the hardwood is obtained from sustainable sources.

We supply the finished plinth with the required cut out for your turntable.
The integrated tonearm boards are detachable and replaceable, and are supplied without a cut out, enabling you to fit the tonearm of your choice.
Remember the cut out and its position on the tonearm board in relation to the turntable spindle centre is critical,
therefore the tonearm manufacturers instructions should be referred to when positioning the tonearm.
Separate blank tonearm boards can be ordered for a second tone arm if required.

A variety of plinth decoupling options are available depending on the plinth.
These include decoupling of the tonearm board to the turntable, the turntable to the plinth housing, and the plinth to the surface it is standing on.
Dependant on the plinth type, solid unsuspended or suspended turntable mountings are available.

Two types of isolation or decoupling feet have been specially developed and manufactured for these plinths.
One is a unique three-piece unit designed around a hidden cone minimising surface contact and transfer of external vibrations.
The concealed cone design prevents damage to any sensitive surfaces that the feet are placed on.
Added to this a sandwich combination of isolation material at their base and mounting points will further reduce unwanted external vibrations.

The second type is of a simpler and lighter design and also utilises a special damping material that has a tried and tested reputation for reducing vibrations.
Both types of isolation feet can be ordered separately for retro fitting to other audio equipment including speakers,
using screws or self-adhesive pads.A variety of exclusive plinth designs are available.
These will gradually be added to the presently displayed versions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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